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Keen provides professional, business services to suit your needs. Whether you need one time project management, or daily support, Keen can help your business move seamlessly. Keen is able to help and streamline systems to make you work smarter, not harder, and can give you the extra hours a week that you need back into your schedule.

What Keen can do for you: 

Virtual Assistant

  • Email maintenance;

  • Scheduling;

  • Client follow ups; and

  • File management.


  • Blog writing; 

  • Newsletter creation; 

  • Editing services; and

  • Ghost writing. 

Business Startup

  • Template creation;

  • Procedure manual creation; 

  • Marketing materials; and

  • Business registration. 

Social Media

  • Social Media Management; 

  • Content creation; 

  • Post scheduling; and

  • Online engagement. 

Email Marketing

  • Newsletter creation;

  • Email automation set up; 

  • Copywriting; and

  • Template design.

Office Manager

  • Payroll and accounting; 

  • Project management; 

  • Social media launches; and

  • Corporate services.

Legal Services

  • Legal admin assistance; 

  • Email and schedule management; and

  • Editing and writing services. 

A la carte 

  • Create a custom package based off of your daily, weekly, or monthly needs.

If you don't see what you need, contact us to see how we can help you.

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